Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Painting the shadow, this is as easy as it gets in watercolor, wet the are with clear water and drop in the pigment, let the water do it's thing.  I love this shadow, warms to cools.  I did just begin painting the stopper.  Pain very light values,  follow the curves and wha-la success.

Finishing touches on the perfume bottle. Up in the right hand (corner?) area of the perfume bottle I painted in a heavy mixture of dark blue then gently adding a mixture of purple, this are is the only tricky area, it is all in the timing and keeping a bead of pigment so that it does not dry out while switching colors, this is called a gradated wash, with a pesky highlight.


  1. Absolutely stunningly beautiful Joyce. Did you any miskit on this as you've captured so many lights and whites?

  2. Good Evening Mollie,
    No miskit, I just painted it dark to light and left the white of the paper for the lightest values and the highlights.
    I painted this today, it took me about 2 hours. I posted the photos between steps and this gave the painting a chance to dry. Whew!