Thursday, June 25, 2009

Painting the Murano Vase

Here is my palette, looks messy but it is an organized mess.  I have mixed burnt sienna & phthalo blue for the rich dark brown, to begin my painting at the lower portion of the vase.  I love painting this portion of the vase, knocking in the darks is just a very comfortable way for me to see the beginning of my painting.  Next I mix various golden colors using Quinacridone Gold, transparent yellow and a hint of permanent rose.  I mix separate puddles of the pigment so that I can have them ready to go as I paint the detail of this vase.
I will begin this painting mixing the darkest values for the yellow vase first.
Good Morning - It is 7:45 and this watercolorist is ready to go.  Painting early in the morning is wonderful, with no interruptions.  Above is a photo of my workspace, clean palettes, brushes, paper towels and of course my line drawing ready to be painted.

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