Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I sold "Facets & Fractures" 45"x20" varnish watercolor painting yesterday, unfortunately not in the fashion I am use to, allow me to explain...
I took 4 paintings in to be framed, my local frame shop has closed and so I decided to give Aaron Brothers a try. Received a call, voicemail, from the framer at Aaron Bros. that 3 of the 4 paintings were ready, but so sorry to say while framing one of the paintings, a screw had dropped onto the canvas portion and had poked a hole into the painting.
My heart sunk, they did not mention which piece, I thought hope it's not "Facets & Fractures". I got there and sure enough it was this painting, the framing had been complete, and it look awesome, but the painting was not repairable. The framer felt awful about it, she had cried. I gave her a hug and told not to worry. The hole was the size of a screw, up in the left hand corner. It was so sad, Aaron Brothers agreed to purchase the piece. My next questioned was will they destroy it or will the company hang it? The framer said it may be shipped to the company headquarters, to hang. So I agreed to let them buy it feeling that at least it would hang somewhere. As I repeated this story to my husband, last evening, I got the sinking feeling that it was the same type of story you tell a kid when the family dog is missing, "the dog is on a big farm where he has lots of room to run". This piece will more than likely be destroyed which is so sad to me, but the decision was either make a sale or keep damaged goods. So I opted for the sale, with hopes to re-paint this still life in the future.


  1. Hi!! your art is fabulous.....!!!!!

  2. Nonsense, Joyce...don't give the sale another thought!!! What if some "nut" had purchased it and hung it upside down in his garage so his Rolls Royce would have company? Pretty outrageous, but when we actually sell a painting we have no idea where it will wind up. Just enjoy the money and PAINT ON!!!

  3. Hi Mia! Yes it is a happy ending,

    Thank you arcobaleno!

    Oh Mollie you just, cracked up reading your comment, you make me laugh!
    And yes the cool thing is that I still can paint this image again!!

  4. It's a incredible piece and a perfect place has already been selected where tons of folks will see it and recognize your work and you'll sell,sell,sell!. Yippee! I'm so Happy for you!
    (yeah, I'm one of those optimistic, law of attraction kind of girlie!) :-)

  5. Thanks Shelia, love the optimistic view!

  6. Hi Joyce, what a story. You must have been devastated when they told you what they had done. Our paintings are not quite like our children but they are special to us and a lot of our heart has been put in. Someone told me about a framer in Menlo that is very cooperative and professional. Are you going to give Aaron Bros. another chance?
    Loved the demo at Filoli. Gail Lynch