Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Details details, finishing the little bit of flower and the bottle in the background only took another 30 minutes.  As usual this dark to light watercolorist, painted in the darkest shapes of the petals of the flower n the right side, first I mixed permanent rose with phthalo blue, for a dark red, in a couple strokes I painted the darkest value, while it was still wet I put down another stroke of paint directly next to it.  I wanted to achieve the movement & depth of the petal but give it too much importance to the still life.
And of course last but not the green perfume bottle, dark to light using Winsor Green (blue shade) and adding a hint of transparent yellow.
So this watercolorist is calling it day, tomorrow  I will paint my 2nd 3-hour lesson, "The Murano Glass".

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