Sunday, April 25, 2010

Painting Florals Dark to Light

Step Three
Finish the Iris with lovely glazes of purple and pink creating a beautiful iridescent hue of purples and pinks.
I painted this painting today, took me about 7 hours including a lunch break. I will be teaching this and a Magnolia Floral all on a 60 minute DVD for The Artist Network TV. Simple and fun approach to painting a beautiful floral, dark-medium, and last but not least light values!!!
Hopefully you will give this a try.

Step Two
Paint in the Medium Values leaving the white of the paper for lighter values.

Step One
Paint in all your dark values first, shadows and all!!


  1. Joyce...I love this. This dark to light stuff is just the way I see. Thanks so much for posting. Got the Art2Art CD...such fun. Can't wait for July.

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  3. Joyce faulknor said...
    Hello Mollie-
    You are too sweet, I can always depend on you to post.
    Yes, painting in the darks first always seem to make sense to me, plus it is much quicker than glazing.

    Looking forward to July also, cannot wait to see you and the Splash group.

  4. This s wonderful and thanks so much for sharing your process. Though I paint in oils I think th dark to light process will help me. Looking forward to following your blog and art adventures.

  5. You make it look so simple. Brilliant.

  6. It looks like a cristal iris... beautiful !

  7. Love the look and the finished art. How do you keep from picking up the dark tones? And, what is the surface that you work on?



  8. Amazing work...Thanks for sharing your progress too. It's always wonderful to see how a particular artist works.

  9. I received both of your new videos for Christmas and must say they are the best in watercolor instruction I have ever seen! Thank you!

    Do you have a place online for us to find sketches for the paintings on these videos?

  10. i love your DVD s and i did the Iris together with a white, as you can see at my blog
    greetings from switzerland

  11. thanks for the instructions. gorgeous watercolor