Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finished Image

Here is the finished image for the my DVD lesson with Artist Network TV.
I will be leaving May 17th to shoot this DVD and another on florals dark to light.
More on the floral DVD...


  1. Congratulations and have fun!
    The painting is beautiful! The light and the colors are breathtaking!

    Save travel.

  2. Thank you, Susan - now I keep my fingers crossed I can condense to a 60 minute lesson!!

  3. Love your work. I found you on Chris Beck's site. Then I started following your blog. Then lo and behold, you end up teaching a watercolor workshop in Rockwall, Tx. I could have gone, I live in Dallas. However, I am on vacation during your workshop! The luck.

  4. Hi I want to congratulate you for your work in watercolor is wonderful, I love the way you highlight the picture with your strokes, very good work, greetings.

  5. Hi Joyce,I just found your blog again!yeaaa! I took a couple classes with you and Ann. What ab hoot! Great great fun! Want to do it again. Hugs,Victoria Roberge
    P.S.funny enough,I am just painting roses with the same glass but diffrent weird.

  6. Hi Joyce
    I have 3 DVDs from you and its such a great option to learn about it.Thank you so much.
    And i guess you are to busy that you have no time for news at the blog.
    Whises you all the best and hope to join once in one of your workshops
    greetings from Switzerland

  7. It will be a delight to be part of your blog... I have your book and enjoy it very much.