Thursday, April 9, 2009

Painting the Negative Shapes

After painting the wet into wet green background and allowing it to dry throughly, I then select the areas where I can create a leaf effect by glazing in another wash of green with a negative shape. 

Was growing tired of painting greens, had to switch over to the orange poppy, I will return to the "Leafy Jungle" once I have finished the orange poppy.


  1. Hi Joyce I was so looking forward for the next step. This is looking so wonderful and I love the depth wich you created with all the stems and leaves. WOW

  2. Thanks Doris - I will try and post the finished portion of the orange poppy today. I will be adding this as a lesson in my workshops.

  3. Haven't had chance to let you know how wonderful I think this is. I am so glad you are going to add it to your workshops. So many artists don't see the negative shapes. Of course one must know what positive looks like. Ha ha!!