Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Stems of the Iceland Poppy

Now I am moving into the background to paint the stems; 
I glazed the stem with a transparent yellow while the pigment is wet, I then add in pure burnt sienna, to enhance some of the reds in the stem. For the shadow side of the stem a mixture of winsor green (blue shade) and burnt sienna. The light side and dark side will help create the roundness of each stem.


  1. Joyce this looks fantastic. I love this progress and thank you for sharing which colours and why you use them.

  2. Hi Joyce, this is looking really good. you most always use WN green (BS) in your greens? Don't think I ever remember using the RS. And yes, thanks for posting the colors.

  3. Hi Mollie
    I do always use Winsor Green (BS) it is a green that blends so well with the rest of my palette.