Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Art 2 Art Teaser

Art2Art Watercolor show from Matt Chapman on Vimeo.


  1. I love this. You guys are going to be sooooo successful with this program and I'm so happy to know you both! Your play off eachother is just too happy for words and it really shows.

  2. Well, the teaser worked. I want more! Please keep us informed about when and how we can see the whole program. I cannot wait.

    Joyce, did your ears burn last night? I did my first watercolor demo. It was for the Rockwall Art League. Your name came up many times. Some of the attendees came because they thought I would be doing crystal. I wasn't (I did a night scene); so, they ask me back so that I could. I don't know what was more amazing - that I got through a demo without having too much stage fright or that they ask me back.

    Anyway, I want more Art 2 Art!!!!!!!!
    Doris V.

  3. Hello Doris and Mollie!!
    Mollie you are so sweet, our local PBS have agreed to air our show!! No dates as too when, they are asking for a 6 week series. We will meet with program director at the end of October and tape another 2 part episode November 1st.
    Through this channel it will go national! Along with both our books/DVD's as part of their pledge drive
    And Doris congratulations on the Demonstration, this is wonderful my friend. A night scene to boot, I bet they just loved you.
    Trying to get Artist Showplace to have Guy and I come and teach workshop, contacted coordinator no response, we would love an opportunity to teach Art 2 Art Live!! We would do two in Texas one in Dallas and another in Tyler Texas. Great fun for all.

  4. Hi Joyce, I'm working with Linda Parisi up here in Ocean Shores and was looking at your sight. This is a great teaser! You and Guy are wonderful and fun together!

  5. Thanks Peggy - Guy and I also do a team teaching workshop.