Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Norris Canyon Workshop

On day three, Guy Magallanes came along with me to visit the ranch and to take photos. No such thing as a free ride, buddy. I asked Guy to paint the sky, using the Guy method! What a treat getting two perspectives in one workshop. The students got a little insight of the Asilomar Workshop, April 2010.
Thanks Guy it was so fun having you teach too, looks like we both will be signing the painting. For more photos of the ranch and Guy's adventures check out his blog at guymagallanes.blogspot.com
My fabulous students are working hard. Learning how to paint the crinkles of the Icelandic Poppies' pedals.
Day three we were finishing up the painting, here I am demonstrating how to paint the white poppy. Yes I know, can't paint without the tongue sticking out.
Here we are painting the Icelandic Poppy, dark to light learning the Joyce method.
Last weekend I taught a three day workshop in Castro Valley, coordinated by Cynthia, Donna and Michelle from the Pleasanton Art Group. Cynthia and her partner Susan and their son Vincent, were so sweet to open their home to the group. The photo above is the beautiful setting of the backyard of their ranch, which is 56 acres of breath taking rolling hills for our back drop. Along with this wonderful setting, we were accompanied by a rooster named "Sunny" crowing and strutting, along with the many beautiful, hens. On day 2 of the workshops two baby chicks were born. Congratulations to the mother hen and Sunny.
We also had Jessie James, the Jack Russell, so sweet and friendly, taking turns to sit on our laps, as well as Sabastian the cat was also in competition for our attention, owning the his space, both pets making us feel right at home. I could not stop smiling throughout the workshop, love being in the country.
Just want to acknowledge Cynthia, Susan and Vincent for the use of the home and letting us come and be a part of their family for the past three days, this workshop will be one of the most memorable, thank you.

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  1. Thanks Joyce, I had the best time at your workshop. I got to play with all the animals and your students too! Very memorable in the best sense.